domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011


1.-Sempervivum Tectorum

2.- supervivium sin identificar apellido

3.- sempervivum oddity 

4.-Sempervivium arachnoideum

5.- ???

6.- ??

Las imágenes que pongo a continuacion no son mias, son del sitio en donde las compre, como las mias son pequeñitas todavia...ire poniendo mis propias fotos segun vayan creciendo mis sempers...

Sempervivium Alluring

Sempervivium Pumarosa

Sempervivium Terracota Baby

Sempervivium Pekinese

Sempervivium Sioux

Sempervivium Spice

Sempervivium Mauna Kea

Sempervivium Tordeur´s Memory

Sempervivium Bernstein

Sempervivium Duke of Windsor

Sempervivium Virgil

Sempervivium Blood Tip

Sempervivium Freeland

Sempervivium Magic Spell

Sempervivium Old Copper

2 comentarios:

  1. Helllo,

    I came across your page searching for Sempervivum information. I too have a collection of them, my photos are to be seen at
    Best wishes from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Renata

    1. hi Renata
      Sempers I love! ... Now I'm waiting for a request I made to England, if you stop by here in a few days of really, I can photos ...
      thank you very much for your comment ... at another time I pass by the forum to see if I see your sempers ... kisesss


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